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In 2004 my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Every time she went to the Dr the news was scary. Through the years of chemo and 4 surgeries, it spread throughout her entire body. With hands that were numb and feet that had gout she still smiled all the time and said she would use her will to get better. Good bad or indifferent it was scary but she was strong willed. My mother always said “I will not lose this fight. I WILL be better”. That was her motto. If you want something you have to Will it. In 2014 she decided to give up her fight and stop treatment. She felt she had beaten it. She said “I lasted longer than anyone thought I would and I made it.”

In 2015 a friend asked me to make cupcakes for her son’s party. They were a big hit and a business was born. Spending time with mom was very important as we all knew how the story would end, but what we didn’t know was that our togetherness propelled this business to where it is today. Mom always liked Charlotte Russe desserts when she was little. Our cupcake push up pops stem from that idea. Recipe after recipe she helped me form our current menu.

Towards the end mom couldn’t really eat. She still loved food but she just couldn’t eat large quantities. She would take tiny bites of different things to taste them all. Katy Cakes is dedicated to my mom Cathy (Katy) as it is just a small sampling of desserts. Tiny tarts and tiny cups give you an array of items without feeling overly full. Tiny, happy bites of decadent desserts. Mom passed away in March 2016 and in her honor we will give 3% of all retail net proceeds to cancer research.


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